I strive to offer a varied range of musical styles for my students to explore, including classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, musicals and more. Exciting examples of any genre can be learnt regardless of experience or ability level.


To push your abilties forward and to give a structured pathway, you may wish to take grades. Practical piano exams are available in traditional, pop and rock, and jazz styles. Theory of music exams can be taken in traditional or popular music theory. Of course you can always mix and match the above options for an exciting and varied musical challenge.



The electronic keyboard is a different instrument to the piano with a different style of playing as well as the use of the keyboard functions to produce different instrument voices and accompaniment styles. There are some elements that cross-over between keyboard and piano, so many students opt to study both instruments.



Music theory knowledge goes hand in hand with learning an instrument, and all students will learn to read musical notation. In addition, students can also learn how to build chords, from the most basic to the very complex, how to organise them into chord progressions, and how to utilise chromatic harmony.

I also introduce musical composition as early as possible, even for my youngest students, as it is vital for building creativity and musical interest.

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